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09 March 2010 @ 03:13 pm
Interview & Misc. Index  
Magazine interviews translated to English, as well as my translations of La Vie En Rose's breakup statements. Interviews sometimes feature more than one band so they are listed chronologically until I figure out a more efficient way to sort them out. >>;

MUCC and Psycho le Cému - D.O.T.S. vol. 01
Published: 6/2002. The first issue of D.O.T.S. Discovery Of The Shines is dedicated to MUCC and Psycho le Cému and features personal interviews with the members of both bands, as well as open questionnaires where each of them gets to ask ten questions to their counterpart.

open questionnaires

MUCC - Gendai Kisou Onzukan
Published: 9/2002. MUCC's interview for Gendai Kisou Onzukan, a special issue released by Fool's Mate. They cover the first five years of the band's history, from their formation to the release of their first album, Tsuuzetsu. It's highly informative and amusing, and I highly recommend it to any of their fan.

a playground smeared with "negativity" and "vermillion"

MUCC - Shounen M
Published: 3/2005. Shounen M is a collection of columns and interviews with MUCC, and since they talk about various subjects often unrelated to music, it's a great way to get to know a bit more about them as persons. Shounen M is also infamous for touching upon the topic of particularly tense events that affected the band around the time of its major debut. I'm going to try and translate the whole thing, so obviously this is a work in progress. ^^;

spam mail
"mucc-san, what's happening?"
real friendship and love
about human relations
life is best when you're proactive!
what i see from the stage
"tatsurou smiles ominously"
long interview

La Vie En Rose - Breakup Statements
Published: 8/2006. Following the announcement of La Vie En Rose's breakup, the members' respective statements were posted on their official webpage.


MUCC and various artists - SPIN
Published: 5/2009. Tatsurou has been featured in a series of interviews that was originally published in the magazine Neo Genesis before being compiled into SPIN (the title refers to the constant rotation of guests appearing in each issue).


MUCC - Rock One
Published: 12/2009. Tatsurou and SATOCHI talk about the differences between the European and Japanese audiences, as well as their songwriting process. Translated from French to English as a bit of a challenge to myself.


12012, D, MUCC, Sadie, Vidoll and Zoro - Fool's Mate vol. 339
Published: 1/2010. For New Year's Eve event Over the Edge, held at the C.C. Lemon Hall, multi-artist Yuketsuko gets to interview bassists from five of the bands scheduled to perform. Yuketsuko is shameless, and the fierce proves to be too much to handle for her poor guests.

yuketsuko's unexpected bassist interview!